JNCK cookies land at Trafford Centre

12th September 2023
new cookie image

JNCK Bakery has landed at the Trafford Centre! Try their NEW soft-baked cookies that taste like a treat, but are 90% less sugar and packed with protein and gut-happy fibre.  JNCK was founded by two brothers Alex and Sean, who found their obsession with junk food was undoing their gym sessions. They wanted a snack that made their tastebuds party, but without the sugary hangover. So they’ve invented a cookie that does it all – and still tastes fresh, soft-baked and indulgent.

We are also offering you the chance to win a months supply of these delish cookies plus a 8 Free drinks! click here to enter 

Try now in Manchester Trafford Boost Juice bars, in two chocolatey flavours: Trippple Chocolate, and White Gold Chocolate.  

Available from Thursday 14th September – Trafford Centre Boost only