16th April 2024

This collaboration isn’t just a coincidence. Our team is bursting with young, energetic individuals. Their wellbeing, and the wellbeing of all young people, is close to our hearts.

We understand the pressures and challenges young people face today. From academic stress to social anxieties, navigating the world can be tough. YoungMinds provides crucial support, offering free information, online resources, and a safe space for young people to talk and get help.

Here’s why this partnership resonates with us:

Shared values: We believe in promoting positive mental health and creating a supportive environment for everyone, including our young workforce.

Making a difference: By supporting YoungMinds, we contribute to their vital work in providing mental health resources and advocating for young people.

Empowering our team: Knowing we’re supporting a cause they care about can boost our team’s morale and sense of purpose.

How you can help:

Visit your local Boost: Look for our YoungMinds donation points and make a contribution, big or small. Every bit counts. Or donate online here 

Spread the word: talk to your friends and family about YoungMinds and the importance of mental health support.