About Boost

Once upon a time . . .

Boost Juice Bars™ were born in 2000 in sunny Australia, when Janine Allis (mum of three) decided there was a lack of healthy options out there for her and her kids…. Following a trip to the U.S she noticed that Juice Bars* were popping up everywhere.

*(For those who don’t know, a juice bar is similar to a coffee shop – but for juice, duh!). You go in and order a really yum smoothie or juice, which is made right in front of you.

So anyway, Janine decided that this idea would go down a treat Down Under, and after having a go blending some wicked juice and smoothies blends in her own garage, she opened her first store in Australia in 2000. The rest is history…


The best bit is that BOOST JUICE BARS ARE NOW IN THE U.K! Better late than never we say.

Launched in the UK at the Trafford Centre, Manchester in April 2007 by Richard and Dawn O’Sullivan (the founders behind Millies Cookies) it’s now positioned to be rolled out from its current portfolio of 10 stores to over 50 locations over the next 4 years. Watch this space for new stores!


What is a juice bar you ask?

Well, the easiest way to describe it is this, a juice bar is similar to a coffee shop – (but for juice, duh!). You go in and order a delicious smoothie or juice and it is made right in front of you. Check out pictures on the right to see what one looks like…

Juice Bars can be found in high streets and shopping malls. You can get your freshly made juice or smoothie straight, or if you fancy it, supplemented with an extra boost – all natural shots of goodness to give you extra energy or protein, help your detox or give your immunity a boost.

Boost Juice Bar’s range includes:

Most Popular: Our Most Popular drinks are made with fresh fruit and good-for-you yoghurt!

Protein & Energy: Low fat smoothies – giving you an energy boost or a protein boost to help repair & energise your body.

Calorie Counters: Fresh fruit and veg blended or juiced.

Fresh Juice Bar: Freshly squeezed, pure juices, with 100% fresh fruit.

Boosters: Extra boosts of goodness to add to your juice or smoothie.

Wheatgrass shooter: A shot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.