What even is ‘healthy’?

How often do you see or hear the word ‘healthy’ being thrown around when trawling through your social media pages. It seems everyone and anyone can be an expert on what’s healthy and what’s not, so much so that it’s leaving us all confused on what healthy actually is.

So, what is healthy?
It’s simple, healthy means different things to different people. From the gym goer, to the busy mum, healthy carries a different meaning. To be defined as “healthy “it should take into consideration everything from what we eat through to the lifestyle we lead everything we do should add value and ensure we are getting the most out of every day.

That’s why we strive for overall wellness. It’s about setting goals that contribute to your overall lifestyle, not just accepting what society defines as healthy.

Wellness is a balancing act and embraces the imperfections – it means you can have your cake and eat it too (obviously in conjunction with a balanced diet).

At Boost, we believe in not taking life too seriously, but on balancing the bad stuff with the good. When it comes to smoothies and juices we look at more than just the numbers on a nutritional panel. We think about each and every ingredient and the overall nutritional profile of the drink.