Thirsty? Water it is

How often do you get home and realise that you had barely drank any water all-day? Not drinking enough water won’t just mean you’ll be thirsty, but that headache you’ve got – that just might be your body telling you that it’s dehydrated.

Here are some easy tips to make drinking water and staying hydrated less of a chore.


Keep a bottle of water next to your bed. Taking a big swing of water in the morning means your firing up that metabolism, flushing your body of toxins and of course getting hydrated before you even begin your day.


Find water boring? Have a little fun with it and infuse fruit into your next bottle of water. Psst – at Boost we have some pretty nice looking Infuser Water Bottles, just saying. But seriously, infused water is delicious and you can change up the fruits every day.


The text time you load up the ice tray, pop a few pieces of fruit into each tray. Making your ice a little bit more fun and giving you just another reason to opt for water on a hot summers day, plus it makes for a killer Instagram pic.

If you’re not feeling thirsty and feel like a snack, opting for fruits and veggies that are high in water content can also help in keeping your hydrated. Snacks like watermelon, cucumber or celery are some of our favourite.

See, staying hydrated can be fun after all!